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Forgery and tampering cost people and organisations billions of dollars around the world. Protect your personal signature and your organisation's official seal from being faked, forged or mimicked by fraudsters by using the Veryfy Seal.

Secure Cert

Protect your valuable documents like certificates, diplomas transcripts and show tickets from tampering by adding a unique Veryfy Seal.

Process Control

Protect your valuable documents like certificates, diplomas transcripts and show tickets from tampering by adding a unique Veryfy Seal.

Avatha Block Chain As A Service

Seal all your correspondence and back them with the blockchain assurance, preventing forgery and misrepresentation of your company.

Automated Forms Processing

Protect your valuable documents like certificates, diplomas transcripts and show tickets from tampering by adding a unique Veryfy Seal.

Smart Invoice coming soon

Protect your valuable documents like certificates, diplomas transcripts and show tickets from tampering by adding a unique Veryfy Seal.

SmartID coming soon

Create highly secure Identity cards for your employees, agents & contractors with a Veryfy Seal.


Blockchain made simple.

Blockchain promises an end to disputes based on transparency deficits. Any agreement or transaction between two or more parties can become the subject of disputes when parties maintain separate repositories of facts. Recollection of the essential matters start to diverge. Blockchain technology powers distributed ledgers and ensure a uniform state across those ledgers. That means a common frame of reference for everyone party to a transaction or agreement. Why not start backing all your contracts, orders and promissory notes with blockchain assurance?

How It Works

Veryfy provides you with a single platform to control every process in your organisation through a clever document-centric workflow oversight system that also defends your external image by extending beyond your four walls.

Sign Up is Free

You don’t pay a dime. Once you have fully configured the platform to suit your need, you only pay per use for value-added transactions with direct, measurable, benefits. If we are not adding to the bottomline, you don’t fork out a penny.

Fully Cloud-hosted

You don’t have to worry about the cost of infrastructure, cybersecurity for transactional servers, uptime management, or system administrators. We take care of all of that for you. It is our specialty; feel free to leave it in our hands.

Blockchain Capabilities

Never been sure where to start, making the idea of consultants and even requirements gathering seem like an expensive indulgence. Not to worry. Veryfy’s blockchain tools are intuitively integrated into the feature flow.

Fully-featured Web-based ERP

Ever evolving role dynamics, multi-level permissions, interwoven reporting lines, etc. Set up departments, sub-admins, oversight layers and all the key managerial mechanics using the powerful but highly intuitive interfaces.

We have the tools.

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Why Use Veryfy

Get your entire organisation and business process IN & UNDER CONTROL using the one-stop solution that prevents evasion of critical processes through fraud, forgery, misrepresentation, pure deception and evidence fabrication. What is more, Veryfy extends beyond your four walls by providing public portals through which partners, suppliers, agents, and even the general public can obtain instant assurance that specific actions, representations, warranties, claims, statements, correspondence, processes and operations have been properly and duly authorised by the relevant Directors and Managers within your organisation.

Control Every Process

Veryfy is indispensable in the modern organisation because every organisation is under constant threat of subversion from within and without. Even organisations that pride themselves on their culture of high trust and internal solidarity understand that it only takes one bad nut to ruin it for everyone. In fact, the higher the level of internal trust, the more vulnerable the organisation is to deliberate sabotage, corruption and subterfuge. For such organisations to maintain the high degree of internal trust and cohesion they thrive on, the right kind of tool that does not disrupt the culture is required. Veryfy is that subtle but immensely powerful swiss army knife cutting through bureaucracy to protect the essential reputational assets of the organisation.

Audit Trail

Automatically create a complete audit trail of all activities, The Veryfy system is setup to automatically monitor all activities including user identities of who created transaction, and any user who modified the record.

Plug & Play Blockchain

Whoever said to you that you need a throng of expensive consultants and a budget fit for the Jade Emperor’s feast was trying hard to prevent you from accessing the Veryfy website. Because here we are fully committed to making blockchain technology as easy to embed as setting up email. Whatever your line of business we have made harnessing the power of blockchain so streamlined that you are sure to find space for it within a few moments after configuring your organisational setup on Veryfy.

  • Seamless Risk Management
  • Fraud Detection
  • Document Integrity & Security
  • Automate your sensitive processes
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Security Simplified

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to begin using verify, you need to create an account by registering through our sign-up page. Sign up is actually very easy in less than a minute.

Veryfy can be used right away. Absolutely no installation license fee is required to get going. So go ahead and just sign up. Once you have logged in, you can explore our thoughtful value-added-charges model, based on our proprietary “virtual credits” system, which allows you to only pay for specific transactions that add directly to measurable bottomline impact. There is no registration or sign-up cost, It is absolutly free.

Here is what we would absolutely not do: lure you in with some shady “freemium” ruse and then sneak up on you with some incomprehensible smorgasbord of subscription packages labelled with silly names.

A veryfy seal is a unique identity number. This serial number is been generated by a verify user (individual or organization) for the purpose of securing an instance of a template (issued document).
Users can only create the seal. The system automatically generates seal numbers. However, you must login to your profile on first.
Changing the logo on a seal is a feature only available to organizations. For registered organization, please contact support team.
When you create a seal, you can find them on My Seals page.
Yes, it is possible to change the company profile image. However, to do this you must be an administrator on behalf of your organization, after which you must have logged in to your profile on Veryfy.
To create a seal or to verify a seal, every user needs to confirm if they have required credits. Veryfy employs a credit system to execute both seal creation and unseal functions. Please contact your organization’s admin or local support team to request for credits.
You can create multiple seal in a single process. Veryfy is built to maximize productivity time. To create a multiple seals, simply click on create batch seals, download the .csv template format, and input the parameters then upload using the upload function. You can create as many batch seals as required using this simple process.
Templates is the basic format that details key parameters for each document e.g date, issuer, recipient, purpose, etc The details of each template is linked to the seal number created. Categories is an administrative layer to help you manage the various templates you have published for use on Veryfy. Templates can be created for various forms, documents, license, identity, etc.
To create a Category, click on create category and enter the description details
To create a Template, you must have defined or created a category at first. Then click on create Template and enter the description details.
Click on Add Fields to specify the parameters (text, images, date, etc) you will define to protect your documents and prevent forgery.
If you are interested in finding out who verified a particular seal, kindly inform your organisation administrator. The administrator can print a report on verified seals.